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Top 16 Best SEO Tips of 2013

Top 16 Best SEO Tips of 2013 at

After reading lot of articles based on SEO tips and gaining a lot of knowledge about blogging and SEO.But don’t think you have learnt everything about how to optimize site With SEO.So don’t worry we are today presenting you the Top 16 Best SEO Tips of 2013.I can proudly say that after reading this article about SEO optimization your knowledge about blogging will increase in dramatic way. On Internet there are many topics on search engine optimization. If you are also getting less traffic and wanted to become a professional blogger owner then you need to know about effective SEO tips.

In 2013 everyone knows about the importance of Search engine Optimization after Google launched its two updates Panda and Penguin which result in dramatic fall of our website traffic. Now all bloggers present in the blogsphere is considering SEO actively and each of us knew that without having good knowledge about SEO, one cannot be successful in Blogging.

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If you are thinking to be one of the professional SEO optimizer this is not so easy task, as to be the one you need to have sufficient knowledge to have the label of optimizer you need to have a research on the internet about many things related to blogging and you need to practically implement that things on your blogs.
What works for you and what doesn’t work, You yourself will be coming to know while reading search engines’ algorithms.

So if you are searching for these keywords on Google: “Learning basic SEO Tips, SEO Tips 2013, SEO For Beginners, SEO For Websites, Best SEO Tips etc” then you will able to find a huge number of sites where you will be able to read about latest SEO tips and latest tricks, So you should subscribe that websites as it is so useful and you can keep track of things.

Let’s start our topic on SEO Tips 2013:

SEO Tips 2013 for Beginners & For Pro’s:

1. Selection of a proper niche:

Niche here refers to the topic. The first step to be successful in blogging is to decide a good topic on which you are going to write in future, whenever anyone thinks to work out and establish a website or blog they have main idea in their minds about that topic.

If you are still confused while the selection of topic then first look out and find a topic in which you are interested and have full information about it so later you don’t face problems.

2. Keyword Research:

Once you selected the niche for your website, you need to collect some keywords which you will be using in your niche. Keyword plays vital part in SEO and increase traffic. For this task one can use a tool developed by Google to plan keyword but you must need to have Adwords account for using this feature “Google Adword Keyword Planner“.

This Keyword Planner helps in selection of lot of unique keywords to grab lot of public.

3.Target Audience:

One knows that Google Adword is one of the giant in providing advertising services and they provide targeted audience to their advertisers. So as if you are from a Blogging blog then you also need the audience who are interested in best blogging tips and tips for seo related to blogging.

To get an effective audience who are really interested in your niche. So you need to develop a relationship with blog reader and identify their problems.

For getting a exact idea about the user’s location you can use a effective tool Google Insights for Search.
By using it you can get ideas about new articles by knowing the keywords from which the users are searching for and coming in your website..

4. Buying a Good Domain Name:

The first part before blog setup is of selection of a good domain name.This is considered an essential and vital part of the establishment of the website, now a days everybody is selecting a domain name with a keyword in it.
 Example :,,
You must choose a domain name directly connected to the topic on which you are going to write in future.After getting you might got an idea about what I am talking about.So you get it SEO is also in domain.

5. Selecting a Platform to design your website:

Now as there are many best blogging platforms in 2013.You can say that if your platform is not good then your site will face many problems.But you must be happy as I have already written a brief article on Top and Best Blogging Platforms of 2013.

6.  Good optimized content:

Now from here the pro blogging part of SEO begins. Many SEO Experts, Analysts, Optimizers and me will suggest you that what you write should be supreme and best and one of own.So you should regularly publish fresh and unique articles for blog as google is now looking these sites only.

7. Long Articles:

If you have a blog connected to blogging or technology then you must write articles which are meaningful and articles should be long. We are just want trying to say that one must write articles above 500 word limit regularly because through this they can input keyword density of 3%-4% in the long article. Or if you write more than 1000 words it will increase slightly.

8. Optimized Post Titles and SEO Optimised Images :

You should write articles with good titles which give a whole description about the theme of the article on which you are writing. You can say that same technique is preferred by search engines, if your title is eye catching then it will ranked top in the Google despite of any low pagerank.

Does optimizing images is useful?

Yes,indeed it important as the picture can describe more than the words.But you should not only upload a image about your topic but also provide title and alt title to the image so google can observe it.You should also compress images to increase blog loading speed.

9. Headings H1 or H2:

Now you might be thinking how it is connected but you must now H1 tags should be used first and then h2 because most of us considered that it is an important aspect in blogging rather using the tags in useless way.

10. Write Meta Description For Each post:

For this purpose WordPress bloggers can use this plugin called All SEO in One Pack which provides you to give a short description about your post.

So you should this essential feature to get the attraction of search engine.If you are doing blogging via Blogger then you can see it on the right side of each article.

11. Use Bold Tag:

Use bold tag in your article if it seems you that it is an important point.Don’t bold the whole post. Important points which you bold will work as keywords later.

12. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines:

After you have written atleast 30 articles then start using webmaster tools of various search engines to submit your site’s URL to Google, BING and Yahoo etc.

13. Submitting Sitemaps to Search Engines:

Yet a simple method of off-Page Search engine optimization used by thousands of bloggers.Sitemap is a wonderful way to submit your entire website to search engine.

Webmaster tools can be used for this purpose you can create multiple sitemaps you have more articles like 2000 pages or more.

14. Social Media Optimization:

Make your blog popular by gathering public on various social networking sites like Facebook,twitter,Pinterest etc.This will also help you gain visitors to your blog.

15. Create Quality Backlinks:

Backlink term stands for the link which is connecting your site to other popular sites on web. Generate good number of dofollow backlinks manually and this will decide the future of your website.Generate backlinks by following methods:

  • Comment on Dofollow Blogs or CommenttLuv Blogs
  • Guest Posting –Write and publish articles on other blogs in demand of a link of your website in the article.
  • Submit Site to Blog Directories
  • Forum Participation.

16. Interlinking within your website:

Now after reading all this you might have gotta a idea what is SEO and how it works.Now what are you waiting for go and implement these SEO tips.

Top Tips and Techniques To Increase Domain Authority

techniques to increase Domain authority/da of blog

Today we will cover these topics:

1. A Complete Guide on Domain Authority.
2. Best Ways To Increase Domain Authority of Your New Blog
3. How To Check DA of Your Website.

In my previous blog I worked a lot and followed my tips to increase Google page rank and I became very much happy when I got PR 3 from the Google in last update of February 2013.I was very excited and then I contacted to advertiser on Facebook to write a review but after having such a Google page rank.I was expecting that I will be approved but the thing didn't go the way I wanted. He rejected it by saying that you have a very low Domain Authority.I was not really caring about Domain Authority very much.But I come to know that Domain Authority is also a crucial part of our blogging.So I visited many of top blogs in search of techniques they followed and also read the eBook of Darren Rowse. Now everything become clear for me.The hidden secrets of increasing Domain Authority.So today I am happy to share these tips among you so you can also Increase your Blog's Domain Authority in short span.

What is Domain Authority?

As the name Domain Authority itself explains it, that how much important is your Domain for people.Like Google gives our blog page authority this is also similar to the Domain Authority.It is a system which ranks blog from 1 to 100. The blogs having Domain authority about 20 to 30 are considered good  but the top blogs which are having 70-80 DA (don't get confuse short form Domain Authority is DA) are considered excellent as they are present from many years and are active and consists of huge no.of backlinks from top sites.Mostly it is decided by the no. of backlinks shown in the Alexa Rank Checker and domain age in whois checker.

How To Increase Domain Authority in Short period?

Hoping what should be done to increase Domain Authority in Short time period.Then as domain age does not depend on us.So start writing a lot of content on your blog with our killer tips to write blog article and later this content will become old.And now comes to main thing Domain Authority can be increased by making more and more backlinks from higher PR sites.I mostly search around the Internet of List of Top Pr Sites and I am able to find lot of blogs with higher pr rank.The best thing one can do is using comment luv,disqus etc blogs for commenting purpose and leaving a backlink.I am prefering these commenting box because Alexa scans the comment luv blogs mostly.

Guest Blogging can be considered another effective way to increase the Domain Authority as you will able to grab do follow links from higher page rank sites increasing chances of higher DA.

How To Check Domain Authority?

domain authority of

Wondering where to check the correct Domain Authority of your website.Then they are some authorized websites which provides you exact reports of your Page rank,domain authority and page authority.The names are moonsy and seomoz. I myself prefer moonsy and seomoz both for correct statistics of my blog.And there plugins for google and firefox too providing exact results.

I hope you like the article of best ways of increasing domain authority.If I left something and then feel free to comment and inform us.We will be happy to take your suggestion as our readers our first and last privacy.
Thanks have a nice blogging.

Top 7 Ways to Identify Your Blog’s Reader’s Problem

Today we are going to share the tips to identify the problems faced by reader on your blog. Today’s work is aimed on writing. This is one of the vital factors that most of successful bloggers prefer into every day in their blogging career.

Why one works in identifying their Blog Reader’s Problem? 

1. You will have a good effect on your blog reader’s.
2. Because of your good relation with your audience, people will come back to your website.
3. As you know when you are happy by someone’s work, you appreciate him by telling about him to your friends and relatives. So here we can say that it will increase our readership too.
To identify this problem many bloggers have their own ways and it looks easy to them, whereas as compared to newbie bloggers, they might found it a difficult task somehow.

7 Methods to Identify Your Blog Reader’s Problem:

1. Solve Your Own Problems:

First and best considered way is to identify blog reader’s problem is by making a list of the problems faced by you. In my experience I got that the problem faced by other people is just the same which I was having towards my blog. If you solve your problem why move on? Just share it with your public may be they are too getting the same difficulty.

2. Look for Questions in Search Referrals:

Once you are getting nice traffic then look in the searches where all the readers are involved in your blog. Sometimes, these most common keywords can illuminate an area with which people experience problems. So you can just do it by making an article on it and solving their problem and reducing the bounce rate of your site.

3. Analyze Internal Searches:

Another way to find this problem by checking the internal searches made by the people on your blog. So here you can get a hint of what actually the people were finding on the blog and how you can rich your blog. You can do it by using some tools that are available on Internet. One of them is Lijit , this is the search box used by the bloggers to analyze internal searches made by the people on your blog.

4. Ask Readers Their Opinion About Blog:

Another but mostly working method is asking the readers for their opinions for the blog. You can attain this task by:

1. Writing an article asking questions and opinions of the readers.

2. Emailing your blog readers and asking them if there’s anything in which you can help them related to blog.

3. On the Contact us Page of your blog add a contact us widget through which the reader may feel free to contact you and put their demands in front of you easily.

4. At last you can run polls for the reader’s opinions.

5. Look for Problems on Other Blogs:

This is mainly for the newbie bloggers which are not having a good public as readership of their blog. In this method you can give a visit to other blogs related to similar niche as yours and see the most problems asked the people in the form of comments.

6. Use Social Media To Gather Questions:

Mostly every website on internet has their fan pages on each social networking site like Twitter, Facebook, My Space and etc. You can ask questions here by your readers on what should your next article based on. This will help you a lot as you are getting their views and what they want.

7. Ask Friends And Relatives:

The last but not the least this method is the simplest of the all, just don’t forget your friends and family members to get the ideas. They are you real-life friends and partners. Best way to solve your readership problem of your blog.

I hope you like the article on How to Solve the Blog Reader’s Problem. To say thanks just comment below, share our posts and become our Facebook followers.

Top 5 Best and Free Blogging Platforms For Starting a Blog in 2013

Top 5 Best and Free Blogging Platforms For Starting a Blog in 2013 by

Are you searching around for best platform for blogging?Today I am going to provide you a list of 6 Top Blogging Platforms for the beginners who are finding the best free blogging platform for creating their new blog.Specifically I started my journey from Blogger and still using it. But it is not mean that their is only one blogging platform but many others like WordPress, tumblr, live journal,weebly,typepad, and etc.
So we will provide you details due to which they are selected by us.Now have a look on these 5 Top Blogging Platforms.

1. WordPress :

WordPress you might have heard this name.On internet many blogs are based on WordPress Platform.One of the leading platform and used by every other blogger.You can sign up at you will get a sub-domain of consisting of limited features.To get access to full rights you need to become premium user.But where WordPress looks costly it is best for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Rankings.There are large no. of free WordPress themes and widgets which can improve your blog and make it look professional.You can access your WordPress account through their android app.

2. Blogger : 

Blogger is free in case of others and globally owned and managed by Google.Sign up is free and here you will get a sub-domain of In this platform you can buy a custom domain their is no need to pay server fees and bandwidth.Through blogger you can directly apply to Google Adsense after you start getting sufficient amount of traffic on your blog.And you have a benefit that your all accounts like G mail Google plus are connected to your Blogger account.You can use Google Webmaster Tools to submit your sitemap and other things related to SEO.Though if you are beginner you need to start with it.

3. Tumblr :

Owned by Yahoo, Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform which has grown very rapidly.This platform features the blogger a rich and user friendly environment.This platform can be said as the combination of twitter and blogging platform.Making a free blog is easy and on signing up you will get a sub-domain of
Customization is not you complicated can be performed easily by newbie.

4. Live journal :

Live journal is another blogging platform which is owned by SUP Media and had become one of the best platform.In this platform users can connect to other bloggers and communities. Like the one interaction with social media.One can choose skins for their blog.
5. Weebly :

This platform provides you good features.On sign up you will get a sub-domain and you can use their site-builder to customize your site.To avail all the features you need to become Premium Users.

Note :

Some blogging platforms are costly if avail the features but according to the author WordPress is best for premium membership as it will return your money as the features are really best.

So our topic ends here if you like our article then give it a g+ and share it and like our Facebook page.

Blogger Vs WordPress : Which Is The Best Platform For Your Work ?

Blogger Vs WordPress : Which Is The Best Platform For Your Work ?  at

Two giant platforms in the blogging world are Blogger and WordPress. Both offers you to express your views through their platforms.First I want to tell you that my own blog is hosted on blogger platform and I am using it from 2 years.Now let's get back to the main Topic " Which Platform Is Better For Blogging?"

Comparison Between Blogger And WordPress :

Blogger :

A site where you can host your blog for free, unlimited bandwidth and your data is hosted on Google servers. Here it comes with a sub-domain of Since we also know that blogger is still free in most ways. You are able to customize your own templates and some templates come free.They easily interact you to Google Adsense for getting paid for your impressions and clicks on your website. As we know Blogger platform  is a part of Google so they have also launched Google Webmaster Tools so the bloggers can easily submit their site to Google and index them easily. So we can say that it is also good in Search Engine Optimization too. Now comes Blogger Widgets it can be managed in Page Layout,these can designed by people themselves if they have knowledge about html and even if you don't have you can find many blogger widgets on other sites by searching on Google.You can redirect your site to a domain .com easily and in blogger you can store only images and .ppt files which is not a good very option. But the bad thing is Google can delete your blog without your permission.You can also access it from your blogger android app.

Wordpress :

WordPress is also a good platform it comes with a sub-domain of and the storage space of 3 GB.You can upload various files like video and file in every format.Provides you to keep the track of your visitors.To enable most of your opportunities you need to unlock the features by paying them money.They provide you 70+ free themes and premium themes.They provide wide range then blogger.If comes on SEO Wordpress is considered the best platform many widgets can help you in task.They are charging you at every field.It becomes costly if you buy it and you are not hardworking towards your blog.

Conclusion :

It depends mostly on the blogger to decide but according to me WordPress is best as sites are indexed and you have more authority then Blogger platform.And they have a good customer support too. 

Top 7 Killer Tips To Make Your Blog Successful

successful blog by

Are you too a blogger like me and wanted to make your blog successful like other bloggers.Then you are right place.As you know in my last post I told you about "How to Install Windows 7 From Usb"
Today I am gonna share 7 killer techniques for a blogger to make his blog successful and popular.But it will take time so be patient but these are the most effective ways used by pro bloggers too.So if you are hardworking and having a strong determination then i can guarantee that you will be successful.

1) Concentrate Only In Your Own Niche :

If you don't pay attention on this aspect then you will be unsuccessful in blogging.If you are thinking to start a blog then try to start a blog on that niche in which you have some interest like i am having interest in blogging and technology so I am blogging on this niche.The point is cleared that you should exactly choose a niche in which you have a interest and you can write.

(i) Analyze The Top Blogs In Your Niche :

You should work out and find some top blogs based on the same niche that you are going to write.The purpose of this task is watching,listening and observing how the that blog operates.It will help you get ideas on various topics in your niche and how they are working?What topics they are covering and ignoring?

2) Post Regularly On Your Blog :

You should write articles regularly on your blog so that readers of blog should remain active.As you know at starting of your blog you should start by writing articles daily in your blog.As this will help you gather good rank and position.You should write on the things that are trending at that time.

3) Promote Your Blog :

You should use social networking sites and build a fan page of your blog on these sites Facebook,Twitter etc .And should keep updating them as the people can arrive from these networks also and if they share your posts.Your blog will become popular among people.

4) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

You need to submit your website to various search engines like Google,Bing etc.You can submit the website through Google Webmaster Tools.This is easy task can be done in few minutes.

5) Guest Posting On Popular Blogs :

Whenever you get a time you should write articles for popular blogs with your link in it.This is consider the best way to drive traffic to website.You can find many blogs accepting guest posts.Some of them are problogger,johnchow,shoemoney etc.

6) Forum Posting and Commenting :

The another way to drive traffic is by backlinking. You should join various forums and can leave links of your website by answering questions asked by users on the topic related to your niche.And you can leave comment on various blogs which help you drive traffic to your website.

7) Submit Blog To Various Directories :

You can submit your blog to various directories like,Technorati and many more.The approval is simple and fast.This will help you in increasing Google page rank too.

8 Tips To Write A Effective Blog Post

8 effective tips for writing great blog post by

Blogging is growing rapidly now a days so its the job of the blogger to make it rich with content and rank it higher.Are you searching for the killer techniques that will make your blog achieve success.Then you are at the right place.So I will present you some tips on how to write a good and effective article for your blog.

Best Tips To Write A Great Blog Post :
blog posting tips

1. Choose Your Topic :

First task you have to do is choose the topic on which you are going to write the article.You can decide it by making a list of things in which you seem to have a good knowledge.But don't forget that the topic must be related to your niche like mine is with blogging.Ask various types of questions with your self and try to answer them.This will make you think what you can add by using brain storming words.

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2. Eye Catching Title:

When the article comes the most important thing is the title which must attract the readers of your blog.As in our schools too,our teachers told us to write something effective that will make another teachers attractive.The title must be short and clear like the one used to come in newspapers and news channels.

3.Act Like Journalist:

Pay attention to the things that related to your topic and search around the Internet from one blog to another and see what people are finding related to that topic.What are the questions and answers,is their any information regarding it.Example: If I will write the article on "How to Reduce Facebook Addiction" then i will provide information regarding that the surveys have been conducted by ATUS (American Times) that mostly teenagers are getting addicted to Facebook of age between 14 years to 18 years .

4. Be Clear :

Try to make your article crystal clear so that your reader shouldn't feel uncomfortable and keeps on guessing about the things.

5.Use Images:

Images are used so that article should not look dull and it adds the beauty of your article.The image should be of the same topic and you should use one or two pics in a article.As presentation matters so use of images is must.

6. Valuable & Unique Content :

Never copy others articles and publish them always use your creativity and innovation to make a article valuable.Here valuable refers that the reader must be attracted consider it to be best explained then other blogs rather finding the same thing in each one.

7. Use Meta Tags :

You should use meta tags describing your article in few keywords or lines which are related to it.This is the best method considered by every blogger to have a good rank in search engine.

8. Promote Your Blog Posts :

You should promote your article after finishing it.You can accomplish this by making fan pages in twitters,Facebook,Google Plus and etc.

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May this article will help you to become a successful blogger.

Benefits of Internal Linking Blog Posts

benefits of internal linking by

Why To Interlink Your Blog Posts?

Internal Linking plays a very vital role in the development of your blog or website. Now days bloggers are keen to write as many articles in their blogs to increase traffic and improve page rank.But the most important thing that they leave is internal linking.Internal Linking is beneficial to you in many ways.The some benefits are as follows:

1. Attract Readers :

Yes,it can attract your readers.Your reader might be interested in your article and have read the whole article  and if you have interlink some posts related to that then the reader will try to increase their knowledge and will move to next article by clicking on the link.As for blogger the first thing that comes to me is that you must satisfy your reader.If you satisfy him then he/she will help in making your blog popular by telling about it to others.

2. SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) :

People just think that external linking via guest posts and commenting can help in achieve a good rank.But it is a half truth Google now days scans the blog or website to search for internal links too.These links help Google to find your data and index them.This is considered an effective way to make your blog achieve a good rank in any search engine.

3. Increases Page Views :

Yes,it is good way to make your visitor busy and it helps in increasing page views.This will benefit the bloggers who use CPM (cost per mile impressions) based advertising networks as the page views will increase and your earning will also rise by linking new posts with older posts.

How To Do Interlinking ?

Between Posts :

This is the best way consider by popular bloggers.In this you just need to make a keyword in your article and connect it to another article based on that keyword.It can be said that a word(keyword) that is linking to another article based on that keyword.

Related Posts Widget :

You can use the widget for internal linking.This will show articles related to that post to the visitors.

How To Implement The Above Methods In Meticulous Way?

1. Try to make a schedule of this work.Just give it 10-15 minutes daily it will work like a charm.It will first somehow look timid but later you will get in rhythm to do this work of interlinking.

2.If your site has a lot of content that is not interlinked then you can start it by linking the popular posts with other posts so that traffic will move in good way and page views of your site will increase and each post will be able to gain popularity among the visitors.

If you perform the above tasks like a hobby then you will not find it difficult and we are your well wisher and good luck for your blog.

Best 9 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

ways to promote blog post by

Many bloggers do promotion of their blogs in different ways but few of them got success due to which their visitors increase day by day.The main mistake or problem done is that the users mainly promote their main landing page.You might have a written a high grade article but it will not benefit until you promote it and make it famous.Now be awake and listen all the ways that can help you in this task.

1. Linking Posts :

Request other bloggers to link to your posts.If you have a good relationships or you are old reader of their blog then this task can be accomplished easily.

2. Note Down Daily Routine :

As Time is Money so you can't waste time.Here is the need that you should take advantage of each second as well planned people reaches to success.Get a good amount of time for this purpose usually 1 hour a day is enough for it.

3. Social Networking Sites :

You can use these sites for promotion purpose of your site.You can make a fan page of your site or blog and regularly update new posts their and be active among your audience.The more people that will follow you will result in wide extend of promotion for you.Facebook,Pinterest,Twitter are best for this purpose.

4. Internal Linking :

Link your posts within the article by not going to other sites for promotion.By doing the person will remain engage in reading our articles and will increase page views.This is an effective tip through which you can also increase your Page rank.

5. Subscribe Button :

Use a subscription box widget through the most of the public can subscribe to your site.Through this they can get daily updates of your blog via e-mail.

6.Commenting And Forum Posting :

By doing comment you are leaving your backlink of your site or blog in other person's website which is also a way get public attraction.By joining forums and remaining a active user and leaving comments by answering other's questions will also rise your image among the forum members.Follow rules and regulations of forums as they usually they bans the users who do spam.

7. Follow-up Posts :

If you write a article which is part of previous one then you can link them in this way they have to read both articles.

8. Advertise Your Post :

The article that you consider can brought a wide range of traffic according to you.Then you can advertise it by using Adwords,,chitika etc.You can kept a small budget for the campaigns you are going to held.

9. Respond to Comments :

You should remain active and should respond to the people's questions.And try to have a good interaction with your visitors.Thats why visitors come to other popular blogging website because blog owner are mainly active.

Their is no need to try all ways at the same time but try the tips regularly and you will see a change.I know you might feel bore while doing these things as i also had gone while doing this work.But if you follow them your blog rank will increase daily.

Top Ways To Increase Google Page Rank Of Your Blog

Top Ways To Increase Google Page Rank Of Your Blog by

Many of the bloggers want to know how to increase page rank in short time period.But the truth is straight that increasing Google page rank requires patience and intelligence.As you are a blogger you must have knowledge about the page rank.Page Rank is a factor through which Google ranks the webpage in what way the webpage or blog is important to the people.They provide point from 1 to 10.I want to tell you that the webpages like Facebook and Google are the top websites having the Page Rank of 10.The site with page rank 10 is considered more valuable and excellent whereas as the site Page Rank 1 is good.But site having no Page Rank is considered poor and having bad quality content.The Page Ranking system by Google is kept secret.According to me the ways I am going to tell you will boost your traffic and page rank too.

Top Ways To Increase Google Page Rank :

1. SEO Optimized Unique Quality Content:

As bloggers clearly know that good content is must for successful website.The more high quality articles in your blog increases your chances to increase page rank.The content must not be duplicate as this will result in poor page rank.And the high content quality must be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized.You can use Google Webmaster Tools for this purpose.

2. Guest Posting :

The best way to generate backlinks is Guest Posting.You should write a unique quality content and must make the owners of good blogs with page rank 5-6 publish your posts with a link of your website at the end with your name.If the people likes your high quality article then they might come to your site.This tip will generate traffic to your site and increase your page rank.

3. Commenting :

Another way of making backlinks is to do comments on the website's with high page ranks.This will make a link to your site with that site you had commented.This is the most effective way the most bloggers use.This in turn will return you in increasing your Alexa Page Rank.

4. Submit Your Blog To Directories:

To make your site index you must submit your blog in various directories like,Bing,Yahoo etc.Through this your page rank will increase.

5. Social Sites:

Sites like Facebook,LinkedIn,MySpace,Orkut etc are the best ways to gather traffic and increase PR.I also use these most common tip and also you can use the share widgets on your site.If people share your site on social networking sites then you will gather a lot of public.

6. Internal Linking:

You can inter-link your articles with other articles of your site using specific keywords which will redirect to the posts.Wikipedia is also a best example for this purpose.The key reason for its good page rank.

If you follow these tips you can increase your Page rank.

Best Ways To Reduce Your Blog Loading Speed

Best Ways To Reduce Your Blog Loading Speed by

Webpage Loading time plays a crucial role as everybody knows.The faster the webpage will load the more easily the people can move around your site.If your site takes too much time to load then people will close the tab will search for another as everybody thinks its wasting their time.As people say Time is Money.Today I am gonna share some key tips to reduce your site loading time and faster processing of your page.

Key Tips:

Go to  Google Site Speed Checking Tool. You can enter your website URL and then click search.
You can use this tool for checking your site speed.This tool is most effective as it is developed by Google.As I don't believe on other tools as they provide inaccurate.So I am considering this because Google is good company in these matters.If you get good score between 85 to 100 then your site is going good.
See my site score I have to work to improve it.

site speed checking report of

Some other key tips:

1.Prevent JavaScript:

If you are using blogger or WordPress platform you must avoid the use of JavaScript it might reduce your visitors.As we know their benefits of it too.But it reduces the site performance it loads slowly.

2.Use of Less Plugins:

In fact we know plugins are necessary but more plugins will affect the side very badly.As one of friend site stopped loading due to overpopulation of widgets.So I give you the key to use less plugins.

3. Use less Images Or Compress Them:

If you are a good blogger then you can compress your image by using YahooSmush It.It reduces your image size which will in turn result in fast opening of your blog.

4. Have Minimum 7 Posts on Per Page:

According to me 7 posts are a nice idea this will benefit you.

Best wishes from our site.If you want to say Thanks then comment below.

5 Basic Blogging Tips For Your Site

5 Basic Blogging Tips For Your Site by

Today many of the people in the world are blogging from the teenagers to the adults.But some of them only get success in blogging and few of them quits it because they can't maintain their blog or don't get any traffic for their at first.They thought blogging is easy but that time only it becomes hard for them.I have just started blogging and know it at first it looks difficult when you don't know any html or things.So I am writing this post to help bloggers like me.

But in this world of blogging they are many factors on which it depends and if you follow the basic tips then your blog might achieve high page rank and traffic.

1. Good SEO Plugins:

WordPress can be used as it is SEO friendly and is considered to be the best public portal by the people.
You can use SEOPressor which is the best plugin for seo score and can provide you high rank.


2. Blog Design With Logo:

You should hire a person which is professional in building template or buy a premium template which is easy to load and design a logo for your blog which will provide it its identity.As you blog should look different then other.The people should easily navigate through your pages.

3. Use of Share Buttons:

You are doing a big mistake if you are not putting share buttons on your blog of social networking sites like Facebook,twitter, Digg etc.This helps the visitors to know that your site is popular among the people.This sharing buttons will help you to share your posts between public.

4. Use of Webmaster Tools:

The people mostly don't use Google webmaster which in turn return in a fatal mistake that your site doesn't get indexed in Google. You should submit you sitemap to Google through webmaster and the Google will index your page easily and thoroughly.

5. Guest Posting And Back links :

Guest Posting is one of the best way to drive traffic to your site.You should write some guest posts on higher page rank pages like 3 or 4 in return of your link which will benefit you.And you can do comments infact leaving your site link as back link.

Top Techniques To Boost Your Site Traffic

Top Techniques To Boost Your Site Traffic by
Today many of the people are doing blogging.One of the Top Bloggers are Amit Aggarwal and Darren Rowse. They are having a huge site traffic to their site.Many of the blogs are personal and business.But the most important thing they forget to optimize their blog which act as a fatal mistake.  Myself Vishnu Bhatt ,I am here to tell you some ways through which you can increase your site traffic.

1.SEO Activities: To increase the site traffic one must optimize their blog through search engine.Think if your blog or website is not listed in Google search then no traffic will come to your site.This type of traffic generated through search engine is also called organic traffic.Due to proper SEO only your site gets page rank through Google. So first submit your site for Google search engine.Use webmaster tools.

2.Change Your Template: You should gather some funds and ask a experienced designer to create a template that is fast,good looking and easy to load so that your site visitor should be attracted and easily navigate through your pages and posts.You should provide a unique logo to your site.
social networking sites
3.Social Networking Sites :  Social Networking sites are perfect way of increasing traffic.You should use Facebook,Google Plus,Linked,Twitter,Myspace etc sites.You should make your fan pages and share your posts among your friends and public.As these sites consists of high public which are interesting to know new things.In this way you can gather traffic for your site.

4.Forums:  Now days there are many forums join them and become the part of forums and leave your link.As now days people want to solve their queries and mostly use forums.If the people need that thing they will come to your site.In this way you can gather traffic by providing people the things they like.

5.Guest Posting: Guest Posting is an efficient way for gathering traffic.Do a guest post in high page rank websites and in this way they will provide your name and site on their blog /website.If you wrote an interesting post people will come to your site.

6.Give Freebies: You should hold contests and share it on various social media sites and people will get attracted to your site.Like Providing them eBook,Songs,Windows 7 or 8 DVD and etc things that will attract visitors.