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How To Reduce Facebook Addiction

How To Reduce Facebook Addiction by

Facebook the world's largest and popular social networking site,with millions of users from the world. Facebook is used by people to keep in touch with their friends and family members.But now Facebook have become an indispensable part of your life and you are finding it difficult to keep away from it.This situation can be termed as Facebook Addiction.People usually hears about the addiction of alcohol and other drugs.But now their are many cases in which people have got addicted to Facebook.Here are the ways through which you can defeat or quit Facebook.

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The steps are as follows which will help you limit the Facebook usage :

1.Start asking Questions :

You should start questioning yourself why you are using it so much.What benefit you are getting from Facebook?Aren't you using it for just seeing updates of your friends and liking them.Are you just playing games on Facebook and living in virtual life of Facebook.Are you just using it and adding as many as friends without knowing a single very well. Aren't you harming your privacy by uploading photos between unknown people?Does you open your Facebook without even brushing your teeth in morning?

2. Track your Facebook Usage :

Keep a record of your Facebook activities like what you did on Facebook and how much amount you used Facebook.It will help you know how you spent your time without actually gaining nothing from it.Try to less it by opening the Facebook once in a day for 30 minutes to 40 minutes or less.

3. Focus on Other Things You Are Avoiding:

You are spending extra time on Facebook to avoid it prepare a list of things which you would like to do in that time.There are many things we can do beside using Facebook.

(i)   Reading a book.
(ii)  Playing Games as they improve our mental power.
(iii) Clean Your room clean.
(iv) Going For a Walk with your pet or friend.
(v)  Listening music.

4. Block It :

By using your antivirus you must block the website and avoid Facebook.You must try to find something innovative on Internet like Blogging,Watching video songs and etc. which will help you divert your mind from it.

5. Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account :

It is the last method to try if all the above methods fail to implement.You can deactivate your profile by going in  settings or just delete it and can be said like format it from life.It is tough but you should do it for the sake of future.

On one side Facebook is boon and bane but it matters on you how you use it.You should use it  in a proper and controlled way.

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