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Top 5 Disk Image Software's 2013

These are the top software's through which you can restore your data or clone your whole hard drive or USB flash drives.

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Acronis True Image 2013:
Acronis True Image 2013 review by

Acronis True Image 2013 is the most popular backup and recovery solutions for computer users. The new version has been popularized with the introduction of support for mobile devices. With a magnificent easy to use interface with tutorials for new users, the Acronis True Image 2013 has helped so many computer users with backup and recovery troubles. The user interface is very friendly with cartoon sketches which bring out the humor and show the less intimidation behind computer partitioning and backup processes. Some of the reasons why Acronis True Image 2013 is the most popular backup and recovery software include the fact that computer users can backup their files in a cloud which grants them access even when they are not around their computers.

Acronis True Image 2013 has more advanced features than the predecessor the 2012 version which makes recovery and backup processes easier. The tutorials include easy- to- understand step to step guide for computer users. Thanks to the software, computer users can save and backup their data and later on recovery it without any hassles or difficulties. With the cloud storage backup option, users don’t have to incur extra costs creating offsite backup establishments which may be susceptible to destruction or damage.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite:
Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite review by

Just like the name suggests, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite software helps computer users manage their hard drives and various hard drive processes. Some of the processes include partitioning, imaging, backup, system recovery, restoration, virtualization (through use of software like VMware or Virtual Box), defragmentation, disposal and optimization. Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite has more advanced features than the 2011 version which includes a very easy to use interface. The user friendly interface allows computer users to navigate through their hard disks with ease. One of the notable features is the speed which allows computer users to partition their hard drives faster than before.

Thanks to the Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite software, computer users can now manage all the hard disk functions using one simple application. The new advanced features of the software include a new engine used to partition the latest hard drives with new and advanced technology. The Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite is a complete package which improves all the hard disk processes and reduces the hassles of doing each process. Computer users can now perform the hard disk processes with ease and under one roof.

Norton Ghost 15:

Norton Ghost 15 review by

Norton Ghost 15 is yet another software release from Norton. The new Norton Ghost 15 combines features such as disc cloning, imaging and incremental backup features. In simple words, Norton Ghost 15 is the ideal software for professional back up processes. In the software market, Norton Ghost 15 has brought a lot of competition to Acronis True Image software which is also a back up and recovery software. One of the most promising features of the Norton Ghost 15 is the user friendly interface which includes step by step tutorial for new users.

Norton Ghost 15 allows computer users to backup, recover and restore data very fast. The software allows users to squeeze back up files in order to optimize the use of the space in the hard disk. The user can also store the backed up data in several hardware storage devices such as flash disc, DVDs, external hard discs and also CD’s. The imaging feature of the Norton Ghost 15 is magnificent since it allows the user to create a full and clear image of the hard drive. This actually hastens the recovery and restoration process by the elimination of many steps which would slow down the process. The incremental back up feature uses the ThreatCon integration which assesses the level of the PC, at which if it’s very high, the Norton Ghost 15 software immediately performs a backup of all data in the hard drive.

O&O Disk Image 7:
O&O Disk Image 7 review by

O&O Disk Image 7 is the backup software which allows computer users to back up all the files in the computer or selected files. These actions can be performed even when the computer is still in use and doesn’t slow down the computer processes. Thanks to O&O Disk Image 7, computer users no longer have to worry about losing data. The backed up data can be easily restored using the easy restoration process which can be used by even amateur computer users. There is a good user friendly interface that runs a tutorial to help users through the backup and restoration process.

The new O&O Disk Image 7 allows restoration process from VHD files and also allows conversion of files either from VHD into O&O images and back. Users can also burn images and other files into DVD and other hardware storage devices. Mounting ISO files as drives is also possible, thanks to O&O Disk Image 7 software. The software allows merging files which makes managing backed up images very easy. O&O Disk Image 7 software makes backing up and restoration easy for all computer users whether professionals or amateurs.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home 5:
EaseUS Todo Backup Home 5 review by

EaseUS Todo Backup Home 5 is the best software that assists with back up, restoration and recovery of data for all computer users. Computer users can use the software to back up their computer files which contain important data and information and also the current settings. In the event of an accident which destroys the hard disk, the user can easily restore all the data with ease. For those in need of software to help them replace old hard drives and migrate the OS, the EaseUS Todo Backup Home 5 is the ideal software of choice.

Other uses of the EaseUS Todo Backup Home 5 include the creation of bootable CD-ROM’s using any operating system. One of the reasons that set the software apart from other back up and restoration software is the fact that it’s offered for free. It also has a wizard operation which proves it easy to use especially for new users.

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