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How To Find Windows 7 Product Key or Activation Key

You might be Windows 7 user then it might be puzzled or troubled where and how to find windows 7 activation key or windows 7 product key or windows 7 serial key easily.Having Windows 7 activation key is very important thing when you want to re-install your windows 7 in your PC.If your windows 7 key is gone missing then today we are going to tell you how to recover your windows 7 activation key easily for installing windows 7 in future.This technique will be helpful to you in finding the windows 7 product keys.

First of all you must have genuine windows 7 installed in PC or Laptop.If you don't have then first download windows 7 iso file from a genuine server.After downloading Windows 7 ISO files you need to install windows 7 from USB.After installing it now we will began our guide on How To Find Windows 7 Product Key.

How To Find Windows 7 Product Key:

1. If you want to find the windows 7 activation key to activate windows 7.Then you need to download windows 7 key finder.This is a kind of application which is specially designed to get your encrypted windows 7 key from computer.
How To Find Windows 7 Product Key or Activation Key by

2. Download the application and extract it in desktop.Now open the extracted folder and run the windows 7 key finder named file.This is the advanced application which will help you find the product keys or activation keys of windows 7(Starter,Home Premium,Professional,Ultimate) of 32 bit or 64 bit.

3. Now run the windows 7 key finder and follow the on screen instructions given by application and once it overs it will give you windows 7 activation key.It will appear in five blocks in each five alphabets.Example: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx 

4. Now you have successfully find your windows 7 activation key.Now keep it safe.And now you install windows 7 easily with product key.To stay your system protected you need to download and install best antivirus for windows 7.

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How To Install Windows 7 From USB

Are you having problem in installing windows 7? Do you want to know how to install windows 7 from USB?Then you are at the right place after all many of people want to know how to install windows 7 without the use of DVD.
The guide here is working 100% and we will provide you step by step information on how to make a bootable USB.Here we will show you two methods through which you can make a bootable windows 7 USB.The windows installed by this method takes roughly about 10-15 minutes.I always install windows in my laptop by this method.

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Requirements :

1. A windows 7 . ISO image file.
2. A USB Pen drive of 4 GB or more.

First Method :

1.This method is the easy one and consumes less time.You just need to download Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool from Microsoft's website.

2.Install it and its icon will appear on the desktop and just run it as administrator.It will appear like this.
screenshot of windows 7 installation by

3.Now click on browse and go to the local drive where you have kept your windows 7 file and then click next.
screenshot of windows 7 installation ongoing by

4. Now you are able to see two options then as you have to make Bootable USB then click on USB device.
screenshot of windows 7 usb tool installation by

5. Now click on Begin copying and it will start by first formatting your pen drive and then will copy your whole windows 7 ISO file data in pen drive.It will roughly take 15-20 minutes (depends on many factors).
6.When copied then remove the USB and the shutdown your computer or laptop and then plug in pen drive and start your computer then pen drive will boot (don't press any key while it is booting ).

Second Method :

It is based so that you  can make any bootable windows through pen drive.Example: windows xp,windows7,windows 8 etc.If the above method showed your ISO file invalid then follow this method.
In this method we will make a bootable pen drive through command prompt.You need to plugin your pen drive before opening command prompt.

1. Type cmd in startup and run it (run it as administrator).
2. Then type Diskpart in cmd it will open a new command prompt window (don't close the previous command prompt window).
3.Now type List Disk and then it will show you 2-3 disks with naming disk 0 or disk 1.
4.See your pen drive capacity their and select your pen drive by typing select disk 1 (here 1 refers to my pen drive shown in command prompt and you have to type your ones which you see their)
5.Type Clean.
6.Type Create Partition Primary.
7.Type Select Partition 1.
8.Type Active.
9.Type Format fs=fat32 (format will take time till it is done 100%)
10. Type Assign.
11. Type Exit.
12. Don't close the command prompt.One command prompt will close itself and one is left.
Now mount your windows file through daemon tools in a virtual drive.
13.See the DVD drive no. of your virtual drive which might be G (can be anything just see which alphabet)
14. Now in command prompt type this command  xcopy g:\ *.* /s/e/f  h:\ (Here g is my virtual disk drive letter and h is my USB drive letter)

Wait till the copying is over then when it is over remove the USB and shutdown and plug it again start your computer and click Escape button to open your BIOS (You can check in Internet through which key your boot menu opens when pc opens)
After that select your USB as your Bootable Device by clicking enter on it.

If you are having problem then comment below and you can also see this video on how to make bootable pen drive through command prompt.

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