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Top Ways To Increase Google Page Rank Of Your Blog

Top Ways To Increase Google Page Rank Of Your Blog by

Many of the bloggers want to know how to increase page rank in short time period.But the truth is straight that increasing Google page rank requires patience and intelligence.As you are a blogger you must have knowledge about the page rank.Page Rank is a factor through which Google ranks the webpage in what way the webpage or blog is important to the people.They provide point from 1 to 10.I want to tell you that the webpages like Facebook and Google are the top websites having the Page Rank of 10.The site with page rank 10 is considered more valuable and excellent whereas as the site Page Rank 1 is good.But site having no Page Rank is considered poor and having bad quality content.The Page Ranking system by Google is kept secret.According to me the ways I am going to tell you will boost your traffic and page rank too.

Top Ways To Increase Google Page Rank :

1. SEO Optimized Unique Quality Content:

As bloggers clearly know that good content is must for successful website.The more high quality articles in your blog increases your chances to increase page rank.The content must not be duplicate as this will result in poor page rank.And the high content quality must be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized.You can use Google Webmaster Tools for this purpose.

2. Guest Posting :

The best way to generate backlinks is Guest Posting.You should write a unique quality content and must make the owners of good blogs with page rank 5-6 publish your posts with a link of your website at the end with your name.If the people likes your high quality article then they might come to your site.This tip will generate traffic to your site and increase your page rank.

3. Commenting :

Another way of making backlinks is to do comments on the website's with high page ranks.This will make a link to your site with that site you had commented.This is the most effective way the most bloggers use.This in turn will return you in increasing your Alexa Page Rank.

4. Submit Your Blog To Directories:

To make your site index you must submit your blog in various directories like,Bing,Yahoo etc.Through this your page rank will increase.

5. Social Sites:

Sites like Facebook,LinkedIn,MySpace,Orkut etc are the best ways to gather traffic and increase PR.I also use these most common tip and also you can use the share widgets on your site.If people share your site on social networking sites then you will gather a lot of public.

6. Internal Linking:

You can inter-link your articles with other articles of your site using specific keywords which will redirect to the posts.Wikipedia is also a best example for this purpose.The key reason for its good page rank.

If you follow these tips you can increase your Page rank.