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Top 10 Sites for Free Music Downloads in 2013

Top 10 Sites for Free Music Downloads in 2013

Just dream of the situation when there is no need for you to search your favourite song on the Internet, you just need to visit the website to  download  free music from top sites that you like. In many case people find difficult to search for favourite songs as there are so many  music websites out there where you will or will not find your favourite songs and lastly you will be able to find that you  need to purchase a song from music site which is really annoying and at all you end up with futile effort or useless with loss of time. It will be something like this when you will find yourself I that I searched for the Titanium by David guetta song 10 minutes and I am still nowhere. As I was familiar with this situation at first so in order to get rid of this problem we have named some of the top cool music websites where you will able to find your favourite songs all for free, without  spending money and your more time.

Top 10 Sites for Free Music Downloads

We are going to list best website to download free music in 2013 extremely for helping you guys.

1. music website is a well known site for downloading free music and if you don’t have heard this name before. As it is one of the most popular websites where one can find best music range any song you will search for. The songs for which you will make search appear on the top of the search results are related to this music website. In you can download millions of songs for free. You can watch YouTube video uploaded on their site as well.

2. Amazon Music

The name of Amazon music is not unknown from any one. One can browse various top and best music albums on Amazon music website. There is no need of any intro of Amazon Music as it is  has it roots spread widely on Internet. You can visit this website and search your favourite music tracks. But for some songs you need to purchase but majority are free songs.

3. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a website where one can find a wide range of songs for free, many of them are free songs  but you can find few songs with pay option ,Soundcloud  also has a feature to  record songs in your  voice and you can upload it on soundcloud. One of the top and best music download site for free.

4. jamendo

I personally prefer this site as till date I download free music from this website. Professionally designed and accommodating a large volume of music.


One of the unique and best music download site used by me and millions of people to download free music and enjoyment.

6. mp3lemon

In popularity not much famous like above preferred music sites. But this is also a great site which provides rare music tracks to download for free.


Mostly contains 500 songs but can be considered legal music websites to download songs.

8. Free Music Archive

Contains a wide range of categories for user to download free music from this site. Free Music Archive is best site  where you can easily  find more than 25,000 songs to download for free.

 9. Pandora

Best for the people of US to download music for free. Not for other countries as their privacy policy are against it.

10. Vimeo

Vimeo  is well known site for videos but they also allow the user to download free music but many songs are based on payment here.

May this top 10 music websites will help you download free music.Don’t forget to share according to which is the best music download site.

Apple iPhone 5S Features and Release Date

Apple iPhone 5S Features and Release Date by

Apple has assured to introduce two new iphone devices in its media event, including its high-end iPhone 5 which is next in line, out of which one is the iPhone 5S, and which is in rumours now a days that it will be budget iPhone. The next one is iPhone 5C since it is one of the most preferred because of the phone's plastic packaging surface which arrived last month on Internet.

This iPhone will merely be an interesting announcement, as till date this will first time that  Apple is going to introduce more than a single iPhone model , but most of the people's attention will  fall upon the iPhone 5S, which is considered to release with the most stunning features.

Some of the features of the new iPhone 5S one can expect to watch at Apple's event.

1. Better Battery Performance and Life

Few months back in June,their were rumours when a photo came upon the net from Apple lover.The logic circuit within the so called iPhone 5S is slightly narrower than the present iPhone.It is done to add new parts and connectors. The 3.8-volt lithium-ion polymer battery present in the iPhone 5S looks that it will have an upgraded capacity of 5.92 Whr as compared to the 5.45 Whr in the iPhone 5.It will help  provide you battery backup of slightly 1-2hrs more than that of iPhone 5.

2.  Faster Experience A7 Processor

In this Apple-built CPU is present which upon our investigation looks like a new A7 chip rather than the old chip to increase to  performance better than that of iPhone 5. Apple has a always a belief of  a chip with increasing model number sequence.A7 processor rumours are going to be true for iPhone 5s according to us.

3. New Camera, Dual-LED Flash

Like every big Smartphone industry like  Nokia,Sony,Samsung everyone is pushing the limits of their camera features and quality,similar to the situation Apple is also doing the same with each new iPhone release. Better colour saturation with better shape of LED Flash.The photos from 8 megapixel HD camera have its unique importance in iPhone 5s.

4. Slow-Motion Video Shooting:

Are you good photographer then you are interested in this feature of the iPhone 5s. A Software named "Mogul" is made specifically for a future iPhone can be considered iPhone 5s. This is something which will  shock you that it can grab pictures at the rate of 120 frames per second. With incredibly fast frame rate then from previous iPhone 4s, it seems likely that the iPhone 5S will be enabled with slow-motion video photography, as we know  slow-motion feature has the requirement that the  frames must be captured at a high rate, which then can be used to appear to slow down when the video is played at a standard speed as one of the Samsung Galaxy Camera have this feature enabled in it. This can be a killer factor after Panorama mode by Apple.

5. Fingerprint Smart Sensor

Isn’t it sounds cool when you will give your fingerprint and your device unlocks for you. It will happen because of the 3mm high and 1.3mm thick ,Smart Sensor which was declared by the App Inc.It is inbuilt with combinations and will have finger recoginization technology to store information about your finger print in encrypted form. This will help the user to ensure that only real fingerprints are accepted so their iPhone is secure.

6.New Colour Designs:

Apple has always manufacturing their iPhone in two colours black and white this time they might be bringing their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C in different colour options. There are rumours that iPhone 5S might have exclusive to a 128 GB storage option.

Release Date:

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C is released on 10th Sep media event (updated).

Dual-core Android Tablet or iPad

These-days most people want to use Tablet or iPad, because Tablet is the best device of user can use every thing in one device. Mobile phone is only one device which is use for calling, video calling, gaming, video recording, voice recording, messaging, chatting, watching movie, video playing and other small multimedia work. But a simple mobile phone is not able to work these are functionality like video calling, video playing and browsing internet.

The first time Apple Company launched iPhone very reliable price with high functionality. The iPhone is only phone, where we can use all functionality which is describe above as like computer. But iPhone display is not enough for watching movie, gaming, browsing internet and reading eBook. Finally in April 2010 Apple launch iPad, which is runs Apple’s iOS operating system.

A very useful device which works all specification of users like iPhone and computer or laptop is known as iPad or Tablet. It is bigger than a Smartphone but smaller than a laptop for entertainment multimedia. Apple Company has declared iPad device is a new handheld Laptop device and user can be use roughly.
The iPad screen is a 9.7-inch LED backlit with glossy multi-touch screen and capable of display 1024x 768 pixel, hidden virtual keyboard, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, Enhanced Data Rate and 3G cellular facilities.

Generally a tablet computers or laptop may be connected to a physical keyboard, but now-a-days touch-screen notebook computers that present an integrated keyboard that can be out of sight by a slide joint, revealing only the screen for touch operation. Tablets or iPads have also appeared in a Booklet format with dual-touchscreens that the user can be used as a notebook by displaying a virtual keyboard.

A Tablet can play music, take photos, shoot video and perform online functions as like web-browsing, downloading and emailing. An iPad have other functions such as — GPS navigation, games, social networking, online calling, etc. Its also provide facilities to downloading and installing apps. Apple and other third parties provide more than 800, 000 apps.

You can buy dual-core Android tablet in India. Android Tab 9 has attractive features and cheap tablet that are currently on sale in Delhi in Rs 6, 500-16, 000. Why do people want to purchase Tab 9 dual-core Android Tab, because its features and specifications? You can imagine here dual-core Android Tab 9 CPU- 1.6GHz dual-core, Memory- 1GB DDR3, Storage- 16GB, Battery- 5000mAh, Bluetooth- 2.1, Display- 9-inch LCD display, Touch panel- capacative multi-touch, Wi-Fi- 802.11 b/g/n, Camera- 0.3MP front and back, and Android 4.1 Operating System.

Many types of Tab available in the market in your city these are Apple’s, Micromax, Samsung, HCL, Google, iBall, Blackberry, Karbonn, Zync, Lava, Sony, Zen, Datawind, Penta, Lava, Acer, Motorola, HTC, Asus, Hp, Lenovo, Mercury, Beetel, Spice, Videocon, Lemon, Huawei, iberry, Celkon and Olive.

Role of Cloud Computing in Retail Sector

role of cloud computing by

What is Cloud Computing?

Most of the people present “Cloud Computing” as technical term. However, in realism it is something which is we all use in our daily routine. The word cloud is a simile used for “Internet”, and when the word “computing” is added with cloud it means placing the data in the cloud from personal servers or computers for using it in business. Let us take simple example of email services by Google/Yahoo/Hotmail. Your email must be having different types of documents which are stored in Cloud and you can easily access it from home or office or even while travelling. This all is possible with the help of cloud computing only.

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Significance of Cloud Computing in Retail Sector:

For sharing the information, cloud computing makes use of 2 things i.e. Internet and storage centers. Nowadays, it is almost impossible for every company to shun cloud computing. When it comes to Retail Sector, use of cloud services becomes imperative. The reason behind this is that it allows customers to make transactions. In addition, it also helps businesses to capture, manage, secure and analyze growing set of customer data. Moreover, cloud computing is time and cost effective technology which helps management in reducing the overall operating costs. This will further help the business to explore new markets at lower costs.

Retail sector can easily achieve efficiency in collection and analysis of sales data by using cloud computing. In most of the cases, retailers don’t possess required resources to utilize huge amount of their sales data. But, with cloud computing data is gathered from dedicated servers and stored for retailers. The best thing is that, this data can be accessed from anywhere via internet.
  • The second benefit is that it aids in product monitoring. The cloud service provider will monitor the performance of product, its trend and finally presents the results of analysis to retailers.
  • It analyzes the data in short time by using high power computing resources and statistical models.
  • Cloud Service provider also help the retailers in managing their inventory levels. Since they serve multiple retailers at a time, they can effectively address stock related issues. They also help in predicting the stock levels.
  • Cloud computing also help in reducing the administrative costs as it eliminates the problem of managing individual systems.
In short, cloud computing offers number of benefits to retail sector like savings of cost, time, better management etc. So, if you still think that Cloud Computing is something very technical, then you are missing something for sure. Switch to this amazing technology to enjoy above mentioned benefits.

 Author Bio:
This blog post is written by Jessica Atkins who is an active blogger. At present she writes for reputed Software Development company.

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