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Top Tips and Techniques To Increase Domain Authority

techniques to increase Domain authority/da of blog

Today we will cover these topics:

1. A Complete Guide on Domain Authority.
2. Best Ways To Increase Domain Authority of Your New Blog
3. How To Check DA of Your Website.

In my previous blog I worked a lot and followed my tips to increase Google page rank and I became very much happy when I got PR 3 from the Google in last update of February 2013.I was very excited and then I contacted to advertiser on Facebook to write a review but after having such a Google page rank.I was expecting that I will be approved but the thing didn't go the way I wanted. He rejected it by saying that you have a very low Domain Authority.I was not really caring about Domain Authority very much.But I come to know that Domain Authority is also a crucial part of our blogging.So I visited many of top blogs in search of techniques they followed and also read the eBook of Darren Rowse. Now everything become clear for me.The hidden secrets of increasing Domain Authority.So today I am happy to share these tips among you so you can also Increase your Blog's Domain Authority in short span.

What is Domain Authority?

As the name Domain Authority itself explains it, that how much important is your Domain for people.Like Google gives our blog page authority this is also similar to the Domain Authority.It is a system which ranks blog from 1 to 100. The blogs having Domain authority about 20 to 30 are considered good  but the top blogs which are having 70-80 DA (don't get confuse short form Domain Authority is DA) are considered excellent as they are present from many years and are active and consists of huge no.of backlinks from top sites.Mostly it is decided by the no. of backlinks shown in the Alexa Rank Checker and domain age in whois checker.

How To Increase Domain Authority in Short period?

Hoping what should be done to increase Domain Authority in Short time period.Then as domain age does not depend on us.So start writing a lot of content on your blog with our killer tips to write blog article and later this content will become old.And now comes to main thing Domain Authority can be increased by making more and more backlinks from higher PR sites.I mostly search around the Internet of List of Top Pr Sites and I am able to find lot of blogs with higher pr rank.The best thing one can do is using comment luv,disqus etc blogs for commenting purpose and leaving a backlink.I am prefering these commenting box because Alexa scans the comment luv blogs mostly.

Guest Blogging can be considered another effective way to increase the Domain Authority as you will able to grab do follow links from higher page rank sites increasing chances of higher DA.

How To Check Domain Authority?

domain authority of

Wondering where to check the correct Domain Authority of your website.Then they are some authorized websites which provides you exact reports of your Page rank,domain authority and page authority.The names are moonsy and seomoz. I myself prefer moonsy and seomoz both for correct statistics of my blog.And there plugins for google and firefox too providing exact results.

I hope you like the article of best ways of increasing domain authority.If I left something and then feel free to comment and inform us.We will be happy to take your suggestion as our readers our first and last privacy.
Thanks have a nice blogging.