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Top Ways To Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

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I get to know that people mostly want to increase their Alexa rank because they might are getting poor rank or they want to compete with other blogs.The question that mainly arise in everyone's mind is that How to Increase Alexa rank,Easy ways to Increase Alexa Rank,Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog etc.So I am here posting Top Ways used by most of the bloggers to increase their Alexa Rank.

What Is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a subsidiary based company of Amazon which provides ranking to other sites and blog on the basis of Traffic and unique visitors.The traffic rank is usually collected by getting information from the widgets, tool bars and etc sources.They keep a record of bounce rate,page views per month and traffic generated b search engines like Google,Yahoo and Bing.But some people think increasing alexa rank is nothing but a crap but the impact of Alexa on user's site is very much.

screenshot of increase in alexa rank  by

You can see the Alexa Rank of OnlinetechGeek is not so good because this blog consists only few articles but it chased a quiet good rank with domain.I consider it is a nice beginning.

Ways To Increase Alexa Rank :

1) Claim Your Site :

First work you have to do is to claim your site by visiting Alexa.You should make a account in Alexa account.The registration process is simple you can also login via Facebook.The work you have to do is claiming your site by putting their code below the header and verifying it.It also help in increasing your rank.

2) Install Alexa Toolbar:

The another important thing is to install Alexa Toolbar as it provides Alexa about your site information too.Many people complains that their site have a lot of traffic but Alexa Rank is poor,this is because of not installing Alexa toolbar.

3) Use Alexa Widget:

You should place Alexa widget in your blog.This provides Alexa company immediate information that you have posted something in your blog and they crawl your site.It is also an appropriate way to know your Alexa rank and many people come to know that your site is popular.

4) Unique and Quality Content:

It is base of your blogging if you post quality articles then more traffic will arrive and people will stick to your site.The unique visitors,bounce rate and other things will result in increasing your site rank.

5) Guest Posting and Commenting:

These two will help you build links with various sites and result in increasing your google page rank and alexa rank too.

6) Write a Good Review on Alexa In Your Blog:

Writing an article is a good way to put a good impression on alexa and providing the links to their site.