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Apple iPhone 5S Features and Release Date

Apple iPhone 5S Features and Release Date by

Apple has assured to introduce two new iphone devices in its media event, including its high-end iPhone 5 which is next in line, out of which one is the iPhone 5S, and which is in rumours now a days that it will be budget iPhone. The next one is iPhone 5C since it is one of the most preferred because of the phone's plastic packaging surface which arrived last month on Internet.

This iPhone will merely be an interesting announcement, as till date this will first time that  Apple is going to introduce more than a single iPhone model , but most of the people's attention will  fall upon the iPhone 5S, which is considered to release with the most stunning features.

Some of the features of the new iPhone 5S one can expect to watch at Apple's event.

1. Better Battery Performance and Life

Few months back in June,their were rumours when a photo came upon the net from Apple lover.The logic circuit within the so called iPhone 5S is slightly narrower than the present iPhone.It is done to add new parts and connectors. The 3.8-volt lithium-ion polymer battery present in the iPhone 5S looks that it will have an upgraded capacity of 5.92 Whr as compared to the 5.45 Whr in the iPhone 5.It will help  provide you battery backup of slightly 1-2hrs more than that of iPhone 5.

2.  Faster Experience A7 Processor

In this Apple-built CPU is present which upon our investigation looks like a new A7 chip rather than the old chip to increase to  performance better than that of iPhone 5. Apple has a always a belief of  a chip with increasing model number sequence.A7 processor rumours are going to be true for iPhone 5s according to us.

3. New Camera, Dual-LED Flash

Like every big Smartphone industry like  Nokia,Sony,Samsung everyone is pushing the limits of their camera features and quality,similar to the situation Apple is also doing the same with each new iPhone release. Better colour saturation with better shape of LED Flash.The photos from 8 megapixel HD camera have its unique importance in iPhone 5s.

4. Slow-Motion Video Shooting:

Are you good photographer then you are interested in this feature of the iPhone 5s. A Software named "Mogul" is made specifically for a future iPhone can be considered iPhone 5s. This is something which will  shock you that it can grab pictures at the rate of 120 frames per second. With incredibly fast frame rate then from previous iPhone 4s, it seems likely that the iPhone 5S will be enabled with slow-motion video photography, as we know  slow-motion feature has the requirement that the  frames must be captured at a high rate, which then can be used to appear to slow down when the video is played at a standard speed as one of the Samsung Galaxy Camera have this feature enabled in it. This can be a killer factor after Panorama mode by Apple.

5. Fingerprint Smart Sensor

Isn’t it sounds cool when you will give your fingerprint and your device unlocks for you. It will happen because of the 3mm high and 1.3mm thick ,Smart Sensor which was declared by the App Inc.It is inbuilt with combinations and will have finger recoginization technology to store information about your finger print in encrypted form. This will help the user to ensure that only real fingerprints are accepted so their iPhone is secure.

6.New Colour Designs:

Apple has always manufacturing their iPhone in two colours black and white this time they might be bringing their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C in different colour options. There are rumours that iPhone 5S might have exclusive to a 128 GB storage option.

Release Date:

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C is released on 10th Sep media event (updated).