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Top 16 Best SEO Tips of 2013

Top 16 Best SEO Tips of 2013 at

After reading lot of articles based on SEO tips and gaining a lot of knowledge about blogging and SEO.But don’t think you have learnt everything about how to optimize site With SEO.So don’t worry we are today presenting you the Top 16 Best SEO Tips of 2013.I can proudly say that after reading this article about SEO optimization your knowledge about blogging will increase in dramatic way. On Internet there are many topics on search engine optimization. If you are also getting less traffic and wanted to become a professional blogger owner then you need to know about effective SEO tips.

In 2013 everyone knows about the importance of Search engine Optimization after Google launched its two updates Panda and Penguin which result in dramatic fall of our website traffic. Now all bloggers present in the blogsphere is considering SEO actively and each of us knew that without having good knowledge about SEO, one cannot be successful in Blogging.

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If you are thinking to be one of the professional SEO optimizer this is not so easy task, as to be the one you need to have sufficient knowledge to have the label of optimizer you need to have a research on the internet about many things related to blogging and you need to practically implement that things on your blogs.
What works for you and what doesn’t work, You yourself will be coming to know while reading search engines’ algorithms.

So if you are searching for these keywords on Google: “Learning basic SEO Tips, SEO Tips 2013, SEO For Beginners, SEO For Websites, Best SEO Tips etc” then you will able to find a huge number of sites where you will be able to read about latest SEO tips and latest tricks, So you should subscribe that websites as it is so useful and you can keep track of things.

Let’s start our topic on SEO Tips 2013:

SEO Tips 2013 for Beginners & For Pro’s:

1. Selection of a proper niche:

Niche here refers to the topic. The first step to be successful in blogging is to decide a good topic on which you are going to write in future, whenever anyone thinks to work out and establish a website or blog they have main idea in their minds about that topic.

If you are still confused while the selection of topic then first look out and find a topic in which you are interested and have full information about it so later you don’t face problems.

2. Keyword Research:

Once you selected the niche for your website, you need to collect some keywords which you will be using in your niche. Keyword plays vital part in SEO and increase traffic. For this task one can use a tool developed by Google to plan keyword but you must need to have Adwords account for using this feature “Google Adword Keyword Planner“.

This Keyword Planner helps in selection of lot of unique keywords to grab lot of public.

3.Target Audience:

One knows that Google Adword is one of the giant in providing advertising services and they provide targeted audience to their advertisers. So as if you are from a Blogging blog then you also need the audience who are interested in best blogging tips and tips for seo related to blogging.

To get an effective audience who are really interested in your niche. So you need to develop a relationship with blog reader and identify their problems.

For getting a exact idea about the user’s location you can use a effective tool Google Insights for Search.
By using it you can get ideas about new articles by knowing the keywords from which the users are searching for and coming in your website..

4. Buying a Good Domain Name:

The first part before blog setup is of selection of a good domain name.This is considered an essential and vital part of the establishment of the website, now a days everybody is selecting a domain name with a keyword in it.
 Example :,,
You must choose a domain name directly connected to the topic on which you are going to write in future.After getting you might got an idea about what I am talking about.So you get it SEO is also in domain.

5. Selecting a Platform to design your website:

Now as there are many best blogging platforms in 2013.You can say that if your platform is not good then your site will face many problems.But you must be happy as I have already written a brief article on Top and Best Blogging Platforms of 2013.

6.  Good optimized content:

Now from here the pro blogging part of SEO begins. Many SEO Experts, Analysts, Optimizers and me will suggest you that what you write should be supreme and best and one of own.So you should regularly publish fresh and unique articles for blog as google is now looking these sites only.

7. Long Articles:

If you have a blog connected to blogging or technology then you must write articles which are meaningful and articles should be long. We are just want trying to say that one must write articles above 500 word limit regularly because through this they can input keyword density of 3%-4% in the long article. Or if you write more than 1000 words it will increase slightly.

8. Optimized Post Titles and SEO Optimised Images :

You should write articles with good titles which give a whole description about the theme of the article on which you are writing. You can say that same technique is preferred by search engines, if your title is eye catching then it will ranked top in the Google despite of any low pagerank.

Does optimizing images is useful?

Yes,indeed it important as the picture can describe more than the words.But you should not only upload a image about your topic but also provide title and alt title to the image so google can observe it.You should also compress images to increase blog loading speed.

9. Headings H1 or H2:

Now you might be thinking how it is connected but you must now H1 tags should be used first and then h2 because most of us considered that it is an important aspect in blogging rather using the tags in useless way.

10. Write Meta Description For Each post:

For this purpose WordPress bloggers can use this plugin called All SEO in One Pack which provides you to give a short description about your post.

So you should this essential feature to get the attraction of search engine.If you are doing blogging via Blogger then you can see it on the right side of each article.

11. Use Bold Tag:

Use bold tag in your article if it seems you that it is an important point.Don’t bold the whole post. Important points which you bold will work as keywords later.

12. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines:

After you have written atleast 30 articles then start using webmaster tools of various search engines to submit your site’s URL to Google, BING and Yahoo etc.

13. Submitting Sitemaps to Search Engines:

Yet a simple method of off-Page Search engine optimization used by thousands of bloggers.Sitemap is a wonderful way to submit your entire website to search engine.

Webmaster tools can be used for this purpose you can create multiple sitemaps you have more articles like 2000 pages or more.

14. Social Media Optimization:

Make your blog popular by gathering public on various social networking sites like Facebook,twitter,Pinterest etc.This will also help you gain visitors to your blog.

15. Create Quality Backlinks:

Backlink term stands for the link which is connecting your site to other popular sites on web. Generate good number of dofollow backlinks manually and this will decide the future of your website.Generate backlinks by following methods:

  • Comment on Dofollow Blogs or CommenttLuv Blogs
  • Guest Posting –Write and publish articles on other blogs in demand of a link of your website in the article.
  • Submit Site to Blog Directories
  • Forum Participation.

16. Interlinking within your website:

Now after reading all this you might have gotta a idea what is SEO and how it works.Now what are you waiting for go and implement these SEO tips.