Top 10 Sites for Free Music Downloads in 2013

Top 10 Sites for Free Music Downloads in 2013

Just dream of the situation when there is no need for you to search your favourite song on the Internet, you just need to visit the website to  download  free music from top sites that you like. In many case people find difficult to search for favourite songs as there are so many  music websites out there where you will or will not find your favourite songs and lastly you will be able to find that you  need to purchase a song from music site which is really annoying and at all you end up with futile effort or useless with loss of time. It will be something like this when you will find yourself I that I searched for the Titanium by David guetta song 10 minutes and I am still nowhere. As I was familiar with this situation at first so in order to get rid of this problem we have named some of the top cool music websites where you will able to find your favourite songs all for free, without  spending money and your more time.

Top 10 Sites for Free Music Downloads

We are going to list best website to download free music in 2013 extremely for helping you guys.

1. music website is a well known site for downloading free music and if you don’t have heard this name before. As it is one of the most popular websites where one can find best music range any song you will search for. The songs for which you will make search appear on the top of the search results are related to this music website. In you can download millions of songs for free. You can watch YouTube video uploaded on their site as well.

2. Amazon Music

The name of Amazon music is not unknown from any one. One can browse various top and best music albums on Amazon music website. There is no need of any intro of Amazon Music as it is  has it roots spread widely on Internet. You can visit this website and search your favourite music tracks. But for some songs you need to purchase but majority are free songs.

3. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a website where one can find a wide range of songs for free, many of them are free songs  but you can find few songs with pay option ,Soundcloud  also has a feature to  record songs in your  voice and you can upload it on soundcloud. One of the top and best music download site for free.

4. jamendo

I personally prefer this site as till date I download free music from this website. Professionally designed and accommodating a large volume of music.


One of the unique and best music download site used by me and millions of people to download free music and enjoyment.

6. mp3lemon

In popularity not much famous like above preferred music sites. But this is also a great site which provides rare music tracks to download for free.


Mostly contains 500 songs but can be considered legal music websites to download songs.

8. Free Music Archive

Contains a wide range of categories for user to download free music from this site. Free Music Archive is best site  where you can easily  find more than 25,000 songs to download for free.

 9. Pandora

Best for the people of US to download music for free. Not for other countries as their privacy policy are against it.

10. Vimeo

Vimeo  is well known site for videos but they also allow the user to download free music but many songs are based on payment here.

May this top 10 music websites will help you download free music.Don’t forget to share according to which is the best music download site.


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