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Best 9 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post

ways to promote blog post by

Many bloggers do promotion of their blogs in different ways but few of them got success due to which their visitors increase day by day.The main mistake or problem done is that the users mainly promote their main landing page.You might have a written a high grade article but it will not benefit until you promote it and make it famous.Now be awake and listen all the ways that can help you in this task.

1. Linking Posts :

Request other bloggers to link to your posts.If you have a good relationships or you are old reader of their blog then this task can be accomplished easily.

2. Note Down Daily Routine :

As Time is Money so you can't waste time.Here is the need that you should take advantage of each second as well planned people reaches to success.Get a good amount of time for this purpose usually 1 hour a day is enough for it.

3. Social Networking Sites :

You can use these sites for promotion purpose of your site.You can make a fan page of your site or blog and regularly update new posts their and be active among your audience.The more people that will follow you will result in wide extend of promotion for you.Facebook,Pinterest,Twitter are best for this purpose.

4. Internal Linking :

Link your posts within the article by not going to other sites for promotion.By doing the person will remain engage in reading our articles and will increase page views.This is an effective tip through which you can also increase your Page rank.

5. Subscribe Button :

Use a subscription box widget through the most of the public can subscribe to your site.Through this they can get daily updates of your blog via e-mail.

6.Commenting And Forum Posting :

By doing comment you are leaving your backlink of your site or blog in other person's website which is also a way get public attraction.By joining forums and remaining a active user and leaving comments by answering other's questions will also rise your image among the forum members.Follow rules and regulations of forums as they usually they bans the users who do spam.

7. Follow-up Posts :

If you write a article which is part of previous one then you can link them in this way they have to read both articles.

8. Advertise Your Post :

The article that you consider can brought a wide range of traffic according to you.Then you can advertise it by using Adwords,,chitika etc.You can kept a small budget for the campaigns you are going to held.

9. Respond to Comments :

You should remain active and should respond to the people's questions.And try to have a good interaction with your visitors.Thats why visitors come to other popular blogging website because blog owner are mainly active.

Their is no need to try all ways at the same time but try the tips regularly and you will see a change.I know you might feel bore while doing these things as i also had gone while doing this work.But if you follow them your blog rank will increase daily.

Top Ways To Make Money Online

Top Ways to Earn Money Online by

Many of the people interested in making the use of internet and generally wanted to earn something from it.Some people which are computer are earning mostly their livelihood from the internet.Internet is growing daily as the users are increasing day by day.The main concentration (focus) of this article is to provide the person the ways to his success through which he can earn something if he is not a professional too.I does not guarantee you that you might earn 1000$ or 10000$ it basically depends upon your hard work and patience.
It is my research of  a week which i am presenting to you.

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Get Paid For Performing Easy Tasks :

Cash Crate : It is a website which can help you to earn dollars by performing simple tasks and surveys.They also provide you money  for signing up in their website.It is a site in which you don't have to make investment.It sounds pretty cool when you are paid for something isn't it.

Getting Paid For Article Writing :

Are you a good writer basically everyone is good in presenting knowledge in their own way.This option I like to prefer most because it is good if you write a good and unique quality article then you will be able to be paid for it.You need to patient in this because many people have earned through this way.Example: Squidoo,Hubpages,InfoBarrel,Buksia etc

I would like to prefer you Infobarrel,Hubpages and Rate it all.

Social Networking Sites (Twitter) :

Do you have a  twitter account and a good amount of followers then you might be interested in this.You will be happy to know that some sites are present which pay you for the tweets you did for their sites.Example:Sponsored Tweets,MyLikes,Magpie etc

Pay Per Click (Google Adsense):

Are you blogger then putting advertisements and being paid for them if a visitor clicks on it is good option.Their are many advertising programs which need publisher where you as publisher will fulfil their demand by putting their advertisement around your content.You are paid for per click.Examples:Google Adsense,Chitika,Clicksor, etc.

Affiliate Programs :

In this you have to bring people to the sites like shopping or matrimony where people buy or sign up.This will   
help affiliated site to earn and they will provide you commission for your tasks.I have write a detail article on it.Read it here.